We offer a range of different services to help people better manage and improve their mental health and wellbeing and that of their peers and colleagues
Support Line

Our support line is open Mon to Fri 9am – 11pm and Sat to Sun 10am – 11pm.

Children and Young People – Wellbeing Warriors

This is a programme of between 8-10 sessions training children/young people to recognise when their peers may be upset anxious or worried and gives them the confidence to approach and support them.

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Growing in the Park


We use gardening to build and support the mental and physical health of our communities. Our projects provide activities, skills training and friendship for people with, or at risk of, isolation and poor mental health.

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Mental Health First Aid


We offer mental health first aid training to both public and private organisations across the Black Country and have a specific course designed for younger members of the community.

Peer Support

Our peer support groups offer a safe place to meet with others who have had similar experiences.

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Bereavement and grief counselling/support is available on a one-to-one basis or we can enable peer support through Oliver’s Legacy.

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Jolly Joggers

Jolly Joggers are a couch to 5k beginners running (jogging) group. We aim to get more people active to improve their mental health.

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Walking Group

This is a monthly group that meets on the last Saturday of the month. We have a six month advance programme and email a reminder to the group each month.

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Women's Group

This group offers invaluable support for females who have experienced trauma.


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