High Fives

Meet the Team.



Alderman Dave Tyler


Dave has a wealth of practical experience as a former Police Officer (30 years) and a local Councillor (21 years) to bring to Black Country Mental Health.

As Mayor of Dudley in 2017/18 Dave and his Mayoral team raised a total of £60k for 3 charities one of which was Black Country Mental Health.

Elected as Chair in 2018 Dave is confident that our recent change of name will bring new opportunities for support, finance and volunteering from all 4 corners of the Black Country. He is looking forward to exciting times ahead.

David Marsh

David is an IT specialist working for a large financial services organisation, he has over 20 years experience and 10 of those working at a senior level and with responsibility for designing and delivering complex IT it change programmes in a number of large blue chip organisations. 
David has his own personal experience with mental health which has made him very passionate about the cause and in addition to his role  at Black Country Mental Health he is also a trustee, treasurer, mentor and listening volunteering with the Samaritans.
David hopes to leverage bring his experience in change delivery and financial management, from both commercial and voluntary settings to ensure Black Country Mental Health's finances are managed responsibly and in-line with requirements set out by the Charity Commissioner so that the charity is well positioned to meet the needs of all of its service users today and in the future.




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Fiona Lucas

Is a former Needlework and English teacher and has run her own weekly classes in dressmaking and craft business for over 35years around the United Kingdom and on cruise ships.

She is passionate about young people and has been involved in Girl Guiding from a young age, a leader for over 40 years, currently an International & National Trainer, Girlguiding Dudley Division Commissioner and County International Adviser.

Fiona is also an avid fundraiser locally, for Guiding and their International trips and for charities in our area. She was an ambassador to former Mayor Alderman Dave Tyler fundraising and organising events.

Fiona has been a trustee for four years; she delivers Mental Health awareness sessions and is chair of our fundraising sub-committee.  She is looking forward to getting some big events off the ground soon. 

Lauren Perry

Lauren works at a local university. In her role, she organises

events and visits local schools to help young people develop

their skills and apply for university.

In her spare time, she volunteers with the local Girl Guides.

She is currently an Assistant Leader at the Ranger Unit locally. 


Mohammed Bashir Kahn

Mo is a married man with two grown up children. By trade he is a self-employed Motor Mechanic.

He has served 25 years as a Magistrate on the Dudey, Halesowen and Black Country Benches.

He has also served several  years on the Management Committee of the Dudley Centre Mosque.

Mo has been a trustee since 2019.

Ken Parsons

First became involved with Black Country Mental Health

as a service user in 2013 when he started to experience

mental ill health after leaving work. He is now a service

user representative on the board and has attended

many mental health forums to ensure he keeps up to

date with services in the area.

Ken has good admin skills and with his own experience

of mental health issues looks forward to being an asset

to the charity in the years to come.


Helen Harris

Helen is Co-founder and Director of a marketing and PR business with an office in Stourbridge They focus on highways and transport which is an area  that has had many challenges when it comes to mental health issues across the workforce at all levels.

Having experienced extreme anxiety several years ago, Helen understands the importance of looking after your mental health and wellbeing.and when she hit a milestone birthday in 2022 decided it was time to do more in this area.  The rest is history.  Helen and her team have the skills to support the charity with marketing and communications and with the addition of running her own business since 2016 Helen hopes to add further value to the team.

Andy Walsh


Andy has been in the care of the local Mental Health

system for over ten years.

He feels that Black Country Mental Health has opened

a door for him.

This has both improved his mental health and lessened

the impact of his condition.


Andy has been a trustee for over four years and very much

looks to the

future of the charity.

Andrew is founder and Managing Director of Khoury Architecture. He has been a company director since 2005 and led a number of award winning projects. His personal highlight being the two Royal Institute of British Architects Awards the practice achieved in 2016.  That same year Andrew also won Royal Institute of British Architects Project Architect of the year Award.  His role in the practice not only encompasses architectural matters, but also business development, recruitment, financial planning and property management. His business success has led to a string of high profile clients uch as Hugo Boss, Oria Kiely PLC and Npower.
In 2022 Andrew decided to use his business experiences in a charitable capacity. After exploring roles with a number of local charities Andrew found that Black Country Mental Heath were looking for new trustees and instantly felt a natural fit.  He has high hopes that his work with the charity will help the staff and those supported by their work secure a thriving future.

Andrew Khoury